Possible movie about Macedonian soldiers in Iraq

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Possible movie about Macedonian soldiers in Iraq

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Three famous US film studious are in talks of creating a movie about the first Macedonian contingent in Iraq. The movie will be action packed, based on true events, for which a book has been written.

The book had been written first as a diary by Metodi Hadzi Janev, a professional soldier in the ARM, but was later transformed into a book.

The film has strong support among the US film studios, though their names are not released by the Macedonian side because of the sensitivity in the talks.

The focus will be on the Macedonian contingent arriving on Iraqi soil in 2003, with the time frame being from June 2003 to December 2003. During this period, the Macedonian contingent was engaged in half a dozen ferocious battles with Iraqi insurgents who had either cornered or surrounded US troops.

The Macedonian elite soldiers, popularly known as "Wolves", had managed to save the US troops during each engagement, without taking any casualties. For their bravery, the US Government had issued several "Wolves" a Federal Medal, the Bronze Star, normally reserved for US soldiers.

The film studios had said that 5 battle scenes will be used in the movie. All battles occurred during the last quarter of 2003. The Macedonian soldiers will be played by US actors, who will learn Macedonian for the movie.

There had been a running joke with the Macedonian soldiers in Iraq who instead of learning English, they preferred to teach the Americans to speak Macedonian.


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