Несекојдневна стјуардеса

Овде може да пишувате се што ве интересира за стјуардесите и стјуардите.
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Несекојдневна стјуардеса

Post by Scylla »

Прочитајте сами, се ќе ви стане јасно. :D

Stripping stewardess hunted by Euro airlines

According to a recent report in The Sun newspaper, a video posted on the internet shows the young stewardess on the UK-bound flight unbuttoning her airline uniform on the flight deck.

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The pilot is then seen to take his hand off his joystick and help her off with her top.

The incident took place on a short-haul flight from Europe, when the captain and his chief officer asked the 20-something attendant up to the cockpit to enliven their flight to London.

The young woman, who can be seen to be wearing a wedding ring in the video, cheerfully goes along with it.

She even goes so far as to take her bra off and happily allow the pilot to grope her breasts - and at one stage lifts up her skirt to show her underwear.

A third member of the air crew, believed to be French, filmed the sequence of events and proceeded to post it online

The video has sparked a internal probe at several European airlines as they attempt to discover who was involved.
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Post by KVARK »

Е тоа ти е автопилот. Дур тој лета, ти можеш.......

Стујардесава е .....

http://www.24sata.hr/video/pilot-tijeko ... ese/47923/

http://www.24sata.hr/video/seksi-stjuar ... ota/48329/

Уживајте! :wink:
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