Се урна Украински Ан-26Ш

Факти, причини и последици од авионските несреќи.
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Се урна Украински Ан-26Ш

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Many dead in disastrous crash of Ukrainian An-26Sh navigational training aircraft [story edited on 26 Sep 2020]

A Ukrainian Air Force (UAF, Повітряні Сили України - ПСУ) An-26Sh/Ан-26Ш [Sh/Ш for Shturmanskiy/Штурманский that translates as Navigational] (NATO reporting name: Curl) twin-engined turboprop transport aircraft intended for training of cadets-navigators crashed on 25 September near the city of Chuhuiv (Чугуїв) in the Kharkiv Oblast (Харківська область) of Ukraine.

The crashed aircraft is identified as wearing tactical identification number "Yellow 76" (factory construction number 5608) and been part of UAF's 203rd Training Aviation Brigade (203-я навчальна авіаційна бригада - 203 НАБр, в/ч А4104) that operating from Chuhuiv airbase also serves the Kharkiv national University of Air Force named under Ivan Kozhedub (Харківський національний університет Повітряних Сил імені Івана Кожедуба).

According the Ukrainian military, a total of 27 people were on board the 1977-manufactured, 43-years-old An-26Sh that was on a training flight with 7 officers and 20 cadets of the Kharkiv national University of Air Force when it went down and was engulfed in a disastrous fire some 2 km from Chuhuiv airbase. The crash happened at about 20:45 hours local time (14:45 GMT) with engine problems been quoted as one of the possible reasons for the disaster.

The bodies of 25 people have been found at the scene while two persons survived the crash and were transported to hospital. Unfortunately, one survivor later died in the hospital.

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Andriy Taran informed on 26 September that according to the preliminary assessment of flight safety specialists, one of the sensors in the left engine of the aircraft failed. The engine itself did not fail, but one of its sensors, said Taran.

The Minister also informed that the engine of the aircraft had more than 5,000 flight hours left before its next scheduled overhaul. The aircraft was also fit to fly for another three years, Taran explained.

Produced in 36 units in the Soviet Union by the Kiev Aircraft Plant, the An-26Sh is intended for training of cadets-navigators and for the purpose the aircraft has specialized equipment placed in the cargo cabin together with workplaces for 10 cadets and one instructor. Each workplace includes a table and a double seat, as well as a console with instrumentation and radio equipment.

The crash left UAF with one An-26Sh on strength. This aircraft wears tactical identification number "Yellow 78" (factory construction number 5710) and is in service with the 203rd Training Aviation Brigade since 18 March 2019 when former Ukrainian President Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko handed it over to the UAF after the aircraft passed genera overhaul at the Kiev-based State Enterprise "410th Civil Aviation Plant" (Державне Підприємство "Завод 410 Цивільної Авіації").
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Re: Се урна Украински Ан-26Ш

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