Се урна F-4E/AUP на Грчкото ВВ

Факти, причини и последици од авионските несреќи.
Facts, reasons and outcomes from aircrash investigations.
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Се урна F-4E/AUP на Грчкото ВВ

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Ova se slučilo pred par dena...za žal, posadata zaginala...eve vi prevod:
EPA Phantom-2 crash in Ionian Sea

On 30 January 2023, an F-4E/AUP Phantom-2 01507 (4465) of the "Elliniki Polemiki Aeroporia" ("Hellenic Air Force" - EPA/HAF) crashed in the Ionian Sea off Andravida, some 25 miles south of the air base, in northwestern Peloponnese, sadly - killing both aviators.

Two Hellenic Air Force AB-205A-1, one Hellenic Navy S-70B and several Coast Guard vessels were taking part in the rescue operation. A C-130H was put on standby.

According to "Proto Thema" - the two F-4E/AUP's were on a low flight part of the training mission below 300 feet when the accident happened.

The second Phantom-2 remained over the crash site while sea and air vehicles were moving towards the area from Andravida.

The F-4E/AUP belonged to 338 FBS (338 MDV) "Aρης" ("Ares" /"Mars").
Photo (just illustrative): F-4E/AUP (71743) as seen by Hans Heemskerk at Leeuwarden, on 19 June 2008:


Neka počivaat vo mir...Večno Sini Neba! :(
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