Polikarpov U-2/Po-2 Military and Civil

Историјат на важните чекори и остварувања кои придонесле за формирањето на денешната авијација.
A historic review of the important steps and achievements that contributed for the aviation of today.
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Polikarpov U-2/Po-2 Military and Civil

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During my, private, inquiry concerning the Polikarpov U-2/Po-2, I am trying to find as much as possible about these aeroplanes during there career, both military and civil, in the for Yugoslavia, and I hope you will/can be of any help.
Each small historical detail/material/picture(quality is not so important)/serials/etc. is welcome.
Some details I found: August/September 1944 a Russian Li-2 has flown 4 aeroplanes to Bari, these were flown from there to Vis.
(Numbers 7315, 7431, 7435 and 7470).
9 aeroplanes were gone to the Training Centre Zemun.
1945/48 some were used at the 104th Training Aviation Regiment.
1946/48 some were used at the 101th Fighter Training Aviation Regiment.

Versions used: two-seater (which version?), Ambulance version (Po-2 SS or S-1), Limousine (which version).
How many from each version was used?
There history?
How and in whcih colors were they painted?
Where there made any modifications/changes to the aeroplanes and if so which one?

Some of the aeroplane were re-engined (Walter), was that during the military or civil period and in which year(s) was this done?

Civil use:
How many and which versions were used;
Which civil registration was used to which aeroplane;
Who owned these aeroplanes;
How and in which colors were they painted;
Were there made any modifications and if so which one?

Other not mentioned details is also welcome.

Its a long list, but what I already mentioned each detail id welcome.

Thank you for your help.
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