Нов VRC 1.2

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Нов VRC 1.2

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Еве што ми стигна на mail, издавање на новиот програм за симулација на контрола на летање во VATSIM - Virtual Radar Client 1.2 како продолжение на оригиналната верзија на овој одличен програм. Се надевам дека ова ќе привлече некој да се пријави за контрола на летање на VATSIM.

VATSIM is proud to announce the release of VRC version 1.2 by
Ross Carlson. Please see the list of enhancements below. You
can download VRC 1.2 here:

The most notable enhancements to VRC are:

* Voice ATIS. You can now record a voice ATIS message and have
it broadcast on a separate frequency and voice channel.

* Color Profiles allow you to define a set of color selections
and then assign them to each scope window independently,
allowing for ultimate flexibility in scope color configuration.

* Tabbed interface in general settings. The settings are now
much easier to find and are less cluttered.

* Sticky Notes. You can now place a sticky note containing any
text, anywhere on the scope. Sticky notes can be dragged to a
new location as desired, even to a different scope.

* STARS radar mode. VRC now simulates the STARS radar system
used in many TRACONS and Towers in the United States.

* VHF simulation option for headset and speakers. This makes
pilots more understandable when using speakers or headphones
with lots of bass.

* Current oceanic tracks can now be downloaded from the web and
plotted on your scope. Thanks go to Ian Elchitz and Tobias
Niederhasuer for providing the source data for this new

* Aircraft info lookup. A new dot command allows you to look up
information about a selected aircraft, such as engine type,
number of engines, weight class, SRS category, etc.

* Separation links allow you to link two or more aircraft
together and see the separation between them, updated in real

* "Realistic Tags Mode" prevents you from seeing a full data
tag for aircraft not squawking their assigned beacon code.

* New checkbox options for automatically adding, deleting,
and pushing flight strips.

* Flight strip annotations are now preserved when pushing a
strip to another VRC user.

* The new incoming chat log shows all incoming chat messages
in a single box, without having to open the chat window for
each sender.

* Each scope can now have its own airspace floor and ceiling
filters defined.

* Each scope can also have a defined radar floor, below which
no targets will be shown, regardless of your filter settings.

* Scratchpad presets. You can now define a list of preset
scratchpad entries, and select them from a list in the aircraft
right-click context menu.

* The aircraft's weight class (heavy, etc) is now shown in the
target data block where appropriate.

* Chat and radio history can now be timestamped.

VRC 1.2 contains these new features, plus a few more minor
feature additions, and several bug fixes. Visit the following
page to download VRC:


Зачленете се на VATSIM
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