VACANT position - Events & PR Director - ACCMAC3

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VACANT position - Events & PR Director - ACCMAC3

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Да не го преведувам целосно, еве го на copy-paste

MACvACC is open for applications for the position of Events & PR Director, ACCMAC3.


1. The application should include a VATSIM CV, member's VATSIM CID, name, email etc along with a small note on why you should be selected for the position sought
2. Be a member of good standing and clean VATSIM record



  • Must hold a minimum of an S2 rating
    Must be willing to spend 10 hours a week on this position
    Must be creative and possess design skills
    Good communication skills
    Good organisational skills
  • Plan, manage and implement an events strategy to ensure that Skopje FIR enjoys regular events from diverse sources.
    Ensure brand image of Skopje FIR is maintained in a consistent manner so that the FIR continues to attract new controllers and traffic. Continuously track media exposure of brand image to ensure effectiveness of advertisement of events and post-event reports.
    Build long lasting relationships with airlines and their senior staff, pilots and other ATC facilities to ensure Skopje FIR is included in their event planning.
    Manage events including adequate advertising, briefings to controllers and pilots, logistics, controller availability preferred routings, pilot feedback and all other necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth running and operation of our events. Proactively manage and assign staffing resources (internal and external) and ensure optimisation of controllers and coverage for events.
    Liaise with VATEUD6 - VATEUD Communications & Marketing Director to pool resources and plan divisional events.
    Monitoring VATSIM trends in event planning, advertising and execution and promoting proposed changes to management, to keep Skopje FIR events in line with, or better than, industry best practice.
    Participate in and / or observe at various meetings, such as FIR Meeting, VATEUD Meeting, etc.
    To maintain continuous self awareness in virtual airline developments so that new airlines can be invited for events.
    To keep all MACvACC controllers informed of all pending events, and to disseminate feedback from pilots from past events.
    Develop the use of emerging media such as Facebook/ Twitter to promote Skopje FIR and its events
    To maintain an online presence above minimum required.
Closing date for applications is 2359z on Monday 31th March 2013.

All applications should be sent to director[at]

Best of luck!
Filip Markoski | MACvACC director ( | AirMak VA CEO
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